Prospect House Video Shorts

We are developing short videos that highlight various areas and artifacts in the museum. Check back each month for new videos. These videos are also on our YouTube channel and you can subscribe there to be updated of new videos. We appreciate your comments and likes. Let us know of video topics you might be interested in.

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Prospect House Inn Recipes

Prospect House Cookies

This recipe was obviously very popular at the inn and so we thought we'd give it a try. This topic will involve two experiments as the recipe had a smudged ingredient that was difficult to decipher. The first experiment uses nutmeg as the missing ingredient as that would be very common for that type of cookie. Several people think that the mystery ingredient is cold water.

Experiment 1 — Using store bought ingredients. In this experiment I use nutmeg for the mystery ingredient as that is a common in old (and new) sugar cookie recipes.

Experiment 2 — We used homemade butter, farm fresh eggs, and unbleached flour to try to get as authentic a result as possible. We also added the cold water. Was that the mystery ingredient? Find out by watching.

Museum Tours

Jay Johnson, founder and descendant of "Cap" Colehour gives short video tours of different areas and artifacts in the museum.

Civil War Room — Jay highlights the Civil War room in this short video. You'll be surprised to see how complete this collection is.

Prospect House Gardens — Learn about the origins of the Prospect House Inn grounds through the years.


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