Warren Colehours Memories of Cap

Warren Colehour (Born 1921)

Son of Cap's eldest child

"I grew up in Minneapolis but we visited the grandparents every August for two weeks before school started. Dad (Robert A. Colehour) usually drove the family up but I remember once my sister Bettie and I took the train. We usually stayed at Dad's cabin on Silver Lake but sometimes I stayed at the San Juan house with the grandparents. "

"The Prospect House always seemed big to me as a child. The kitchen was very hectic as was the dining room. I remember Uncle Ernest taking over the house and remodeling it in 1929. Of course, I remember the twelve seat outhouse and the big ice house."

"To me Cap was always very fascinating with his goatee and he was always chewing on a clove stick. He showed me both of his ugly shoulder wounds from the Civil War after I cried from a bee sting. He gave me a Civil War sword when I was about fifteen years old. I remember him loving to eat ice cream. My Dad gave him a Crosely radio with a huge horn for a speaker. I guess Cap was hard of hearing by then. I remember Cap building a flat bottom boat for my Dad's cottage on Silver Lake when he was 90 years old."

"I recall at Christmas time we would call Grandma and Grandpa. In three minutes time the whole family said hello and then the operator would come on and say your three minutes are up and the phone went dead."

"I was sixteen when Cap died. I remember crying as he died on Christmas day. I was not able to attend his funeral."

Sadly, Warren Colehour passed away on January 28, 2012, the anniversary of what would have been Cap's 170th birthday.

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